Tallman Lettering

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Additionally, after being approached about Tallman lettering, we have added several Tallman lettering drug names to our label catalogue.  Tallman lettering is the name given to the practice of presenting part of a drug’s name in upper case to help differentiate between drug names that look or sound similar in order to avoid drug administration errors.  An example of how Tallman lettering would be used to differentiate ‘prednisone’ and prednisolone’ would be ‘predniSONE’ and ‘prednisoLONE’.

A paper published in Technic: The Journal of Operating Department Practice May 2012 Volume 3 Issue 3; Reference Underwood K (2012) Are you Short or TALL? Reducing risk of drug errors. Technic 3(3): 6-7 highlights the argument for the introduction of Tallman lettering to drug labelling and with the kind permission of the author and the College of Operating Department Practitioners can be read Here.

Examples of syringe label drug names stocked with Tallman lettering:

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