From SpO2 Probes,SpO2 Accessories to SpO2 Extension/Adaptor Cables.

Our SpO2 probes are available in either a 3-metre direct connection or a 2-part alternative (using a 2.4m adaptor cable and the probe of your choice with a 90cm lead). Both are available with the following options:

  • OEM compatible
  • Genuine OEM Nellcor, Masimo & GE SpO2 probes and adaptor cables
  • Finger clip probes – adult/paediatric
  • Soft rubber probes – adult/paediatric
  • Wrap probes
  • Ear probes, supplied with small or large ear clip or as an integrated unit
  • Disposable & semi-disposable probes
  • All Solaris branded SpO2 probes are accuracy tested on a Lightman SpO2 Sensor Tester on
    completion of manufacture – see detais below
  • Latex free

ACCURACY TESTING: Solaris branded SpO2 probes

On completion of the manufacture process and as a standard, final, quality assurance procedure, all of our Solaris branded SpO2 probes are now accuracy tested on a Lightman SpO2 Sensor Tester that tests the LED wavelength accuracy within each probe ensuring its accuracy.

With SpO2 sensors being used across many hospital areas from the more “general” ward environments to the most “critical” of areas, probe accuracy is without doubt of extreme importance and whilst small variations in accuracy tolerances in less critical areas may be acceptable, in a highly critical department, where low SpO2 perfusion is common place, such accuracy flaws can lead to misdiagnosis and thus potential catastrophic consequences.

With the above in mind we have worked very closely with Solaris, who have made a huge investment in terms of time and equipment, to ensure our SpO2 sensors meet the very highest accuracy readings, with accuracy test data available to support each probe tested.

For more technical and detailed information on the Lightman SpO2 Sensor Tester please click here.