Richard joined Walters Medical on a part time basis in 2011 whilst studying sport and fitness at college, but soon after successfully completing his first year he realised his fitness potential was better honed to the rugby pitch (recently having been asked to play for his Club’s first team!), during his leisure time, whilst following a full time career in sales; becoming a Trainee Sales Person at Walters Medical in December 2012.  

Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Richard is learning the ropes from the bottom, spending time understanding the importance of each area of the business and hopes, once his training is complete, to fulfil a long, happy and successful career providing a first class service to our customers.

What you didn’t know?

During his four years as an Air Cadet Richard was one of the youngest cadets to successfully pass his NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) Course at the age of just 13.

What you may know?

Well it’s no surprise . . . . . another petrol head and two wheel fanatic – it runs in the family!

All time hero?

Marco Simoncelli – massive potential cruelly cut short.