Lesley provides invaluable support across all areas of the business but more specifically with our marketing activity, putting to good use her exceptional organisation skills and excellent eye for detail.  

As Mum to our Managing Director, Lesley is extremely proud of her son’s success with Walters Medical and recognises many characteristics of her father who was himself successful in the medical supply industry.

Like many Mums, and in addition to her marketing duties, Lesley does a great deal of running around and assists as best she can whenever and wherever she can within the Company; you never know when she might pop up!

What you didn’t know?

Lesley once sang at the Royal Albert Hall . . . . . . . with her College Choir!

What you may know?

Lesley’s passion is the theatre and concerts; there’s rarely an empty month in her social diary and she’ll be the first to be up bopping and clapping . . . . where appropriate of course!

All time hero?

Not one, but two; Torvill and Dean!

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