Having worked with Nicola for many years in a previous company, our Operations Director, Julie Rhodes, had absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for a position at Walters Medical when she joined in March 2014.

Bringing with her excellent organisation skills and a wealth of experience gathered from several supportive roles, Nicola provides the energy and know how to keep the cogs oiled and the wheels turning within the hub of the Company.  She works relentlessly to ensure the high standards we set are met and maintained . . . . . . and always with an infectious smile and personaltiy to match!

What you didn’t know?

Would you believe, Nicola is a horror film fanatic; she just loves the fear factor . . . . yikes!

What you may know?

Just like Lesley, Nicola’s passion is going to the theatre and taking in as many concerts as she can. Her all time favorite band being Duran Duran . . . . they will always be her Pin Up!

All time hero?

In her words “my Dad”!

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