Richard started Walters Medical in 2009 after realising that his extensive and well known product expertise combined with his knowledge of and contacts within the industry, meant he had a solid base on which to build and nurture the successful company that we see today. 

Originally trained as a landscape gardener, Richard knows the meaning of hard work and this he believes is the root of his success; a stone is never left unturned, an opportunity to learn and  improve never missed and putting the customer first always top of his list!

Richard has forged great relationships with customers and colleagues alike, as well as numerous suppliers worldwide during his many years in the industry and this is testament to his incredible product knowledge (he’s often been likened to a walking product dictionary!) and communication skills (never without his Blackberry!).

Richard attributes much of his success and business ethos to his father and late grandfather who were themselves, in years gone by, highly regarded and known within the industry; his late grandfather having been the catalyst and inspiration that prompted Richard to believe anything is possible.

What you didn’t know?

Richard was once a milkman!

What you may know?

Walters Medical aside, Richard’s second passion is anything on two wheels . . . . preferably with an engine, though he does opt for pedal power to maintain his fitness!

All time hero?

He can barely choose between the two . . . . . Barry Sheene and Valentino Rossi!