Bili-Therapy Spot Type for F-Rail Arm style

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Bili-Therapy Spot Type for F-Rail Arm style


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Effective Phototherapy Treatment and Space-saving.

  • Effective phototherapy treatment by blue LEDs, The high irradiance level and effective wavelength of this unit shortens the treatment period and helps facilitate the early discharge of infants.
  • Space-saving, The unit can be attached directly to the F-Rail or I.V pole, without using a stand, which improves utilization of space around the incubator.
  • Switchable to examination lamp with one-touch of a button, The unit can be used as an observation light for observing the state of an infant.The dimmer controller (white LEDs) on the unit is useful for developmental care.
  • Two levels of light intensity, Avoid the risk of rebound after treatment and the need to bring baby back in to hospital for secondary treatment, also reduces the risk over over exposure when using one level of intensity.

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