Proud new distributor of Atom Incubators & Associated Products

“I am extremely proud to announce that we are now the sole distributor of Atom Incubators and associated products in England, Scotland and Wales and we very much look forward to working with you.”

Best regards
Richard Walters, Managing Director

Click here for more information about our partnership with Atom. If you would like to discuss a specific requirement, or any aspect of the range, please call me on 07860 448858 or via email: or my team on 0845 6800377 would be very happy to assist you.

The Atom range includes:

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Atom Medical Philosophy

“To save a tiny baby’s life”

This is the interminable objective of Atom Medical Corporation.

In human history, the greatest event is the birth of life, which is an ongoing phenomenon. How much can we contribute to the birth of new lives? Atom Medical has grappled with this question since becoming the first company in Japan to develop the modern incubator.

By setting life, an irreplaceable fundamental, as a theme, we strive to bring tenderness to lives using technology. Atom Medical will continue to progress and develop in line with the advancement of medical technology.

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